Agroinvest Foundation

Core Values



We achieve our clearly defined common goals through mutual support, understanding and joint approaches to problem-solving.

As team members we all have clear assignments for which we are accountable, and we all contribute to the creation of a positive and productive working environment.


We believe that integrity is the consistency between words and actions, beliefs and behavior, attitudes and activities, values and practice. It is a decision that every one of us makes, and that is why we maintain honest relationships with our clients, partners, colleagues and ourselves.


We believe that commitment to fulfilling an organizational vision brings out the best in us and in people around us. We foster a motivational working environment where all employees are happy and achieve extraordinary results in the best interests of our clients and their communities.


We treat all people equally and with respect. We value the integrity and privacy of our clients, colleagues and all the partners we work with.


We know that success comes from creating a system that allows even the average competence to produce superior results.

We do not ignore the fact that even the most talented individual will fail to produce great results in a flawed system.

We trust in systems and procedural competence and not in an individual's personal brilliance.



Our Partners

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