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Agroinvest Foundation Serbia was established in 2011. Work of the Foundation is dedicated to the well being of children in Serbia, especially children belonging to vulnerable groups.

Decades of exposure to wars, violence and poverty left deep marks on lives of families and children. In the prolonged period of transition it is necessary to provide additional systematic care and develop sustainable social protection services for all the children in need.

Although several important reform processes in the field of social protection have been initiated, there are many challenges that all stakeholders in the field of child welfare and protection are facing. After a decade of reforms there is still a pressing need for the presence of international organizations and funds to support the work of civil society organizations as service providers, as well as institutions of social protection that need to be strengthened for their new roles in the social protection system.


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Agroinvest Foundation is long term partner of World Vision. Main activities of the Foundation, in partnership with the World Vision Regional Office for Middle East and Eastern Europe as a part of the project “Engagement with Government for Child Welfare Reform” include:

- Support and capacity building for National Network of Organizations for Children - MODS

- Support and cooperation with Provincial Institute for Social Protection on research about social protection services for children

- Monitoring, data gathering and research on reform of system of child protection in cooperation with institutions and civil society organizations

- Collaborate with and support the Network of Organizations for Children in the Wider Black Sea Region – ChildPact

- Provincial Bureau for Social Welfare, with a support of World Vision and its program conducted in cooperation with AgroInvest Foundation in Serbia has completed a research on social welfare community services in twelve municipalities and towns (Zitiste, Coka, Rekovac, Gornji Milanovac, Topola, Uzice, Novi Sad, Pecinci, Aleksinac, Pirot, Prokuplje and Vlasotince).

The research focused on systems of community services for children and aimed to contribute to further development of social welfare reform. By using data from municipal policy documents, questionnaires and focus groups interviews that were conducted with service providers, local governments and administration, public sector and civil society organizations, we investigated the development of services, diversification of services and plurality of providers, accessibility and quality, capacity to analyze needs, plan and monitor service provision at the local level.

Summary of the research report in English is available at link-pdf

The report in Serbian is available at link-pdf


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