Educational corner for clients

Edukativni-kutak-2What a client should do in case he/she is not satisfied?

Dear Clients, please do remember that you are entitled to complain! Consequently, we encourage you to use the complain mechanisms, in case you are not satisfied.

AgroInvest is always ready and willing to listen to you feedback on our services so that we can upgrade our services, improve ourselves. As you can read in your contracts with AgroInvest, you will see a contact number for complaints, suggestions.

-        There are several communication channels for you to express your complaints, to tell us what we should improve, which are the following:

We encourage you to use your right to complain so that we can improve!

How to prevent indebtedness?

If you are planning to take additional loans, you can keep in mind the following, in order to prevent indebteness:

  • Make a clear calculation on your monthly income

This is madatory so that you can be sure that you will be able to pay your installments on time. The difference between your monthly income and your monthly expences is the amount that you can save. Given the fact that income and debt are changable, the monthly amount you use for loan repayment should not be higher than 70% of your monthly income.

  • Make sure you chose the most appropriate financial product

It is crucial that you don t borrow more money than you need. The loan officers' job is to help you chose the best financial product for you and to prevent your indebtedness. In order to be sure all the items are clear, don t hesitate to ask the Loan Officer as many questions as you feel.

  • Take the loan in the same currency as the currency of your income

The exchange rate for different currencies is not stable, this is something we are all aware of. If you receive your income in rsd, it is better that your loan is in rsd, too.

  • Repayment should be done in line with the plan you received from the Loan Officer

If you repay your loan regularly, you will not be charged a penalty rate that will make your debt higher. Prioritize. Pay your installments on time – this makes the loan a burden for you, plus, it is notified in the Credit Bureau and prevents you from taking a new loan for a certain period of time.

  • Invest

Use loans for investments. Avoid loans for purchase of goods you don t really need and that will make your expences higher.

  • Save  

In case you don t have a Fund for savings, do start one. Savings can help us a lot if we encounter financial problems.


  • Buy on sales,
  • When you go grocery shoping, make a list and don t buy anything that is not on the list,
  • Avoid going to work by car – walk or go with bycicle, if there is possibility
  • Make sure you are aware of all your monthly financial obligations, the regular ones. Don t make expences you don t really need, lower your expences( i.e. if your monthly expences for mobile phone are 1500 rsd, use a less expenssive package which might have a few minutes less
    and pay
    1000 rsd )

If you reduce your expences in line with the above, you can make a nice savings fond.