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The rain that had started on Wednesday , May 14 , topped the river Sava and Kolubara , thus, struck many towns in Serbia with a large natural disaster. Besides Serbia , the region suffered as well - Bosnia and Herzegovina , as well as part of Croatia. The official data states that such rains and floods have not been recorded in the last 120 years .
Numerous villages and towns have remained cut off - no electricity , drinking water and food stocks . Water flooded the foundations of many houses, many people were missing , families lost everything overnight.


kod klijenta Branko Bojic - Krupanj-m kod klijenta Gordana Markovic - Krupanj  kod klijenta Milorad Bojic - Krupanj  kod klijenta Nikola Kikanovic -  Krupanj kod klijenta Sladjana Pajic - Krupanj kod klijenta Slobodan Petrovic - Krupanj kod klijenta Zoran Grujicic - Krupanj

Although none of the employees of AGROINVEST has suffered from severe loss or damage, it certainly has affected each one of us. Also, neither one of our clients has suffered from fatal loss, but, a number has suffered. Thus, we have reacted immediately.


While applying our organizational values, we are there for each other, Agroinvest provided and took the necessities to clients immediately and will continue to do it. Also, our employees from Serbia and also from Montenegro decided to contribute and support our clients. There is a lot to be done and we will continue to put our joint effort

We take an active part in National events in rural areas throughout Central and Southern Serbia

We take an active part in National events in rural areas throughout Central and Southern Serbia, striving to implement Life in all its fullest for rural families! All our regional offices are active during the summer, as our main purpose is to provide the economic development of the rural areas in the country!

Agroinvest employees follow the company s mission in everyday work. We don t just talk the talk but we all walk the walk. Our drive is the economic development of the rural areas and our clients progress. Consequently, the summer was not a Holiday season for Agroinvest Serbia, but rather a very active period, spent with our clients.

Early June, we had the great pleasure to introduce our services during the event "Jagnjijada", which is held in the village Mladenovačka, with a symbolic name – Jagnjilo (lamb). The concept of this traditional event is to promote cow breeding and the traditional pastoral life. Also, the event is followed by an exhibition of agricultural machinery. Where our clients are, that s where we are!


Jagnjilo-m Jagnjilo 2013 007


July 26th, we were in Zlatar fest. The event has the purpose to preserve the Serbian tradition and authenticity of the region. And that's not all!

Picture 003 Picture 015

In late July, we were active during the Days of blackberry which is held in the mountains, on the slopes Medvednika near Valjevo. The event brings together the best producers of blackberries, the fruit that made the region famous, but also the fruit growers from different parts of  Serbia.

danikupina1 danikupina2

In order to further expand our mission and vision, we were one of the official sponsors of this year's Regatta in Loznica held August 3rd. This year's race, the fifth so far, was very well attended - about 2,500 people, over 300 vessels.

regata1 regata2

We were also active during the 44th Parliament folk art „Prođoh Levač, prođoh Šumadiju“ which was held on 4 and 5 August. „Prođoh Levač, prođoh Šumadiju“ is an exhibition of folk creativity Levča, Šumadija and Morava. Some of the activities are exhibitions of handicrafts and paintings, the competition in the preparation of traditional dishes and folk sports games, the choice of a girl with longest pigtails and the guy with the longest mustache. We had a chance to see some of our current clients who work hard and have held their own stands, and spend the day with numerous representatives of our target group – always ready to meet, talk to them, and to introduce our products.

Prodjoh Levac prodjoh Sumadiju 011 Prodjoh Levac prodjoh Sumadiju 013

All employees of AGROINVEST in Serbia "breathe" our mission and are committed to implementing our vision! Life in all its fullest for rural families! Serving and empowering rural families with high-quality financial services and social programs! We don t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!


This year, MonteCredit hosted the 16th International, three days, Microfinance Center

This year, MonteCredit hosted the 16th International, three days, Microfinance Center (MFC) Annual Conference in hotel Splendid, Budva, Montenegro (28-30 May)

MFC logo nowe

This year, the Microfinance Center (MFC), the regional microfinance resource center and network that brings together 103 organizations in 27 countries of Central Europe and Asia, organized  its 16th, three day Annual Conference (28-30 May) in BudvaMontenegro, in cooperation with our Montenegrin Company, MonteCredit and also Alter Modus. 


Balkan-Workshop2 Opening-Caroline-Tsilikounas Our-Employees-During-Sessions



The main goal of the Conference was to discuss the identity, role and future of the microfinance sector in Europe and outside, exploring the changing role of microfinance and discuss important lessons that microfinance practitioners have learned. Around 500 microfinance practitioners, investors, policy makers and private sector representatives attended the event.

The Conference was opened in the presence of Montenegrin high officials – the Minister of Finance, Radivoje Zugic, and the Vice Governor of the central Bank, Velibor Milosevic, as well as the Deputy Ambassador of the US Embassy, Mr. Douglas Jones. All three of them expressed their support to  the microfinance sector and the importance of its future for the economic development in the region. Caroline Tsilikounas, CEO Agroinvest Holding, and Luka Djurovic CEO Alter Modus also gave speeches during the opening, which was followed by the plenary session. Tsilikounas also gave a presentation during the plenary. The topic of the plenary was Targeting Microfinance Sector Capacity to the New Frontiers and Caroline s presentation focused on MonteCredit and Agroinvest - all in a transparent way.

There were a number of interesting workshops – how to deal with the regulatory challenges, innovative products on the market, using technology to balance quality and scale, using social media to fight counterattacks, microfinance approach to social and economic issues and  customer protection. Workshops were lively and proactive.

Several of our colleges from Agroinvest and MonteCredit attended this conference and showed a great level of professionalism, which makes us very proud of them – from Serbia: Ljiljana Maric, Milomir Dadic, Goran Simic and Nenad Stojkovic and from Montenegro: Igor Nikezic, Igor Vranes, Veljko Rmus and Nikola Nacic.

Tatjana Antic Drca and Marko Bukilica gave their full support to the organization of this event and this was noted by the organizers and participants who expressed high appreciation for their work. From the point of view of image and visibility this conference was a huge success for Agroinvest and MonteCredit and we will all give our best to stay committed to this standard.

Agroinvest rewarded the selected clients

Agroinvest rewarded the selected clients by taking them to the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad


Agroinvest Serbia rewarded the selected clients who make living from agriculture by taking them to the 80th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

Agroinvest-Team-and-Clients2 Agroinvest-and-Clients Loan-Officer-and-Clients


The awarded clients were selected in line with the preset criteria (hardworking, making income from agriculture, responsible and supportive of their families' economic growth and had an all inclusive treatment. Loan Officers were escorting them so that they can see all there was on the Fair. Our clients were more than satisfied and we are planning to organize this award during the next Agricultural Fair, too. 

Monte Credit - New Products for the New Year!

Monte Credit - New Products for the New Year!

Just before the New Year, according to market researches implemented through focus groups, MonteCredit prepared a series of new modified products. New products are in line with our clients’ needs, as we want them to be even more satisfied. We will further encourage the development of rural areas, as this is the basis of existence of MonteCredit.

PrvaFotkazaNewsm NewsPh MC1m NewsMC2m NewsMCm



Our new products are tailor made for clients in rural areas who are self-employed and have their own, small businesses, for agricultures and for development of tourism. We have also prepared special offers for our long-term, loyal customers.



For 2013, we plan to introduce more new products on the market – all in line with our clients’ needs!






Agroinvest Serbia actively improving lives in rural areas

Agroinvest Serbia actively improving lives in rural areas

All Agroinvest offices in Serbia now cooperate with Societe Generale Bank. The collaboration started in May 2012, as a pilot project for only three branches. Gradually, since November, all branches are cooperating with this renowned bank.

NaslovnaFotkaZaNewsSrbijam 2012-12-14-10.06.43m Oplenacka-berba-2012-035m sljivem


We continued our partnership with PBB bank, as this bank is our loyal, long term partner.

Active outreach and customer service are the foundation of our business and our loan officers are present where our target group is. We are always ready to support our clients to improve their lives.





Memory of Carol Toms former World Vision employee honoured through playground in Serbia

Carol Toms playgroundA playground within a primary school “Mirko Tomic” in the village of Obrez, near Varvarin in central Serbia is not special only because of its primary purpose to bring joy to children’s lives in the village, but also because it was raised in memory of a person who is remembered among many for her hard work and dedication in helping children. It was raised to commemorate work of Carol Toms – World Vision employee who dedicated her career to child protection in MEERO region.

Serbian Government announces microcrediting law during Muhammad Yunus’ visits to Serbia

Muhammad Yunus 2Economist and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, who created the concept of micro crediting for the poor, visited Serbia during his tour which promotes the idea of “social business”.

Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh which helped millions get out of poverty. He explained the idea of micro-loans while visiting Belgrade.

The new beginning for village schools after earthquake thanks to AgroInvest

Kraljevo SchoolmIn early November 2010 when a strong earthquake followed by a series of smaller ones struck Kraljevo region leaving two dead and a big material damage in the whole region. The damage was so bad that it was just a matter of  time until  the walls and roof would collapse. In an immediate response after the natural disaster, World Vision through its microfinance subsidiary AgroInvest, provided extensive construction works and made the school building safe again.

Monte Credit – Agroinvest in Montenegro restructured and rebranded

Monte Credit – Agroinvest in Montenegro restructured and rebranded in the beginning of 2012!

23022012336mEvolution is inevitable. If your company is operating the same way today as it did when it was first launched, then you are stagnant. Change is very important. Rebranding has become something of a fad. Agroinvest in Montenegro changed from the inside and from the outside, thus, in the beginning of 2012, we launched the new name and communicated the changes – all for the benefit of our clients!

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