Agroinvest Foundation

Organizational capacity on permanent improvement


We are continuously strengthening our operations, tightening our internal controls and improving our efficiency.

In line with our strategic orientation, we strive for permanent improvement of our organizational capacities and the professional skills of our employees who are the cornerstone of future institutional growth and development.

Professional team

We have established a highly professional senior team so as to instill best professional practices at all levels in our company and ensure good results.

We are aware that the success of our operations is inter-connected with the professionalism and capacities of all our departments.

Product Development and Marketing Department

Product Development and Marketing Department hires highly skilled and experienced professionals, all university graduates who develop increasingly flexible and responsive products. In order to determine what exactly our clients need, they are defining the target market, conducting market research and constantly 'feeling the pulse' of our client satisfaction and needs for new products. .

The Department designs and implements client driven  marketing strategies and is an active part of our work in social performance management.

Human Resources

We are aware that our human capital is very important to the success of our company – facts and figures are the quantitative measures of our success, but Human Resources Management is what makes an organization.  People are our true asset.  

Our Human Resources Management is done strategically and aims to enable the achievement of our strategic goals by attracting, retaining and developing employees as well as dealing with any HR-related issue appearing in one of our offices. Our objective and specialized HR professionals are an important part of what helps motivation and loyalty.

Communication and company’s identity

Our highly professional Communication department has a role to support our company’s internal and external communications, thus, creating our company’s identity. Externally - that we send the true and clear messages on who we are to all our external stakeholders and to prevent any misunderstanding; internally – to ensure  an efficient and transparent communication and information flow at  all levels of our company. The department plays an important role in safeguarding our image and establishing our recognizable visual identify, thus creating a sense of belonging, both internally and externally.

In this recessionary environment, financial institutions are putting heavy emphasis on risk management, collection and legal aspects of their work. It is with these same priorities in mind that AgroInvest decided to set up these departments in both countries in 2010, in an effort to professionalize its operations.


Risk Management Coaching


Proactive risk management is essential to the long-term sustainability of Agroinvest, thus, the company in both counties went through the risk management coaching. The risk management coaching was organized under the lead of experts from ATTF, Financial Technology Transfer Agency, Luxembourg.

We are proud to be one of the four companies in the world that was chosen to receive such a reputable coaching without charge. The purpose of the coaching was to establish a risk management system that integrates all aspects of Agroinvest’s operations. All in order to better identify and anticipate potential risks - to avoid unexpected losses and surprises, rather than just react to them.

The main goals of the coaching were to design a risk management appetite framework and to identify risk profile. Whilst the focus was put on operational and credit risks, heads of departments such as Human Resources, Legal and Information, along with the mid and top management, also went through the Risk management Coaching. The key components of the process are risk identification, risk analysis, risk response and risk management by continuous monitoring.

Luxemburg risk management coaching had the purpose of establishing a system which would enable us to make educated decisions about how much risk to tolerate, how to mitigate those that cannot be tolerated and how to manage the real risks that are part of the business. Furthermore, Agroinvest is continuously improving its risk management tools and approaches that respond to specific situations, lending methodologies, operating and financial objectives.

Collection and Legal Departments

Both, the Legal and the Collection teams were established in 2010, with the goal to professionalize and to acclimatize operations to the recessionary environment, to reduce costs and to enhance productivity. The two departments have a strong and close cooperation and employ high skilled professionals, most of them Lawyers.


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