Agroinvest Foundation

Our approach of targeting


In targeting in both countries, the company puts the focus on people in rural areas who are on  low-incomes, who are poor, but with a strong entrepreneurial sense - they aspire to create and to run their own small business.

The Target Group is defined by the following elements:

1. By location and address - rural households.

2. By income and assets – low-income and poor households.

3. By source of the income - households with micro business activities.

These elements are important to define our target clients because they are in line with our mission and vision, and also enable us to reach more clients which assures a better portfolio quality and financial results.



Targeting in Serbia

When targeting in Serbia, Agroinvest focuses only on low income clients who with irregular sources of income but with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and preferably in rural areas. These individuals are determined to improve their living conditions by starting up and/or upgrading their  small business.

Constantly being “in the field”, in a direct approach  with potential clients, our Loan Officers appraise their entrepreneurial sense and capability to start up and successfully run a small business and/or upgrade an existing one.

We fulfill our mission - – Life in all its fullest for rural families! -  by supporting our clients to escape poverty.

Targeting in Montenegro

The target clients of Monte Credit Montenegro are poor households, households with small business  activities, micro businesses such as trade, agricultural production/processing/sales, small and medium productions and facilities for tourist season of a moderate type.

Our procedures  are in line with our Credit Policy. All policies in Monte Credit are created to fully guarantee the protection of our clients’ financial wellbeing.


Our Partners

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