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As an organization which is continuously and predominantly committed to giving support to small entrepreneurs, we hereby state the framework conditions for loan disbursement and we invite you to repeatedly contact us without any hesitation for all further details in order to come in to tailor make loan for your success!

In Serbia

We are an intermediary agent to entrepreneurs who do not have or have limited access to loans granted by commercial banks – most of whom live without a steady income. Our recommendations to our partner banks facilitate loans that are disbursed through the bank. Loans are for the purpose of business beginners or those who want to upgrade a small business, entrepreneurs with valuable business ideas in the field of production, craft, services, trade, agriculture and animal husbandry. They are disbursed and repaid in dinars through our partner banks with the maximum loan amount being rsd 400.000.00.

In Montenegro

We offer enterprise loans for start-up and improvement of small business, trade, services, agriculture, reconstruction and repair of business facilities for entrepreneurs who do not have or have limited access to loans granted by commercial banks. In accordance with market demands and our organizational possibilities, we continuously adjust our products to the market requirements and needs. Currently we are offering the products to a maximum amount of EURO 10,000.00.

In both countries, we accept different collaterals provided by clients (i.e. promissory notes signed by endorsers, administrative bans on salary and/or pension checks, bank bills, pledges on movables – i.e. on agricultural machines etc.) and the repayment is made monthly basis according to defined installment plans.





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