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Kapisoda family’s story



Kapisoda family’s story The hard-working Kapisoda family has struggled and sacrificed to earn a living from a small auto-body repair shop and by renting out three of its bedrooms to tourists during the short mid-June to mid-September tourist season.

During that time the five family members, including parents Olgica and Radovan together with daughters Andjela (6), Jovana (11) and son Milan (9) would cram into the dining room for meals and to sleep at night.

Income generated from this period would supplement the modest earnings from the auto-body repair shop, and would need to see the family throughout the rest of the year.

But thanks to a small amount of savings, the support of family and friends and two loans from AgroInvest, the Kapisodas have been able to renovate an old inherited property to offer 10 rooms to tourists. Their visitors now have space and privacy and so does the family, which is expecting a fourth child.

 “We had lots of help from our friends and family. The micro-credit came just in time. With all that in one place, we decided to go for another child, knowing that now we can provide decent living for all our children,” says Olgica Kapisoda.

More room for tourists also means more room for each family member, which is welcomed news for the Kapisoda children.

“I am happy because now I have my own room where I can play and do my homework,” says nine-year-old Milan kapisoda.


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