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Kostic family’s story



Kostic family’s storyWhen Predrag and Danijela Kostic married in 1998, they were ordinary people. They dreamt no extraordinary dreams. They wanted two children. And they weren’t afraid to work hard.

It all seemed attainable. Instead, they found themselves scraping by on a grandfather’s pension and Predag’s wages from casual labour.

Wars, economic downturns and political isolation have taken their toll in Serbia. In the predominantly rural south, three generations living on a shoestring budget in one household is not uncommon.

Daniela and Predrag have high school educations and some work skills. They have two children - Andjela, 7 and Teodora, 5, and they were committed to give them a higher education.

Predag envisioned a hardware and building supplies store to service half a dozen surrounding communities. Danijela and Predrag’s father would run the store; he’d run a fully-fledged contracting business. Thus, Predrag and Danijela approached AgroInvest for a loan

Two years and two loans later Predrag and Danijela are in demand and are never out of work. The family store is expanding. The couple is getting ahead. They are optimistic about the future.

The store and construction business run nicely on Predrag’s vision, Danijela’s common sense and their combined hard work.

Predrag and Danijela, as parents, are fueled by their daughters’ dreams for the future!


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