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Since our very beginnings we have aimed our activities towards long-lasting positive effects in the communities in which we work. We are dedicated to business ethics which contribute to the economic prosperity and life improvement for our clients, employees and their families, local communities and society in general.


We are responsible towards our:


With our simple and professional services we improve the lives of our clients. We aim to be the true partners in the realization of development plans and fulfillment of rural families’ needs.

With a careful selection process we choose the best candidates to become part of our team. Keeping the strong organizational culture based on values that guide our behaviors and actions we create a work place in which each individual can fulfil their potentials, and in which we encourage pro-activity, learning and constant improvements of business processes.

We listen and react to the specific needs of the communities in which we operate. We support and promote responsible behavior which brings positive changes to the community.

We promote responsible behavior towards the environment of our employees and our clients. We encourage our clients to acquire new, modern agricultural equipment which contributes to the more effective use of natural resources and reduces pollution. We promote the use of recycled materials and frugality. A healthy and safe environment is the basis for all improvements in society.


As a social business, we apply commercial means to achieve social ends. We set clear objectives and we are monitoring and assessing progress towards achieving them.

We translate our mission and values into clear, measurable objectives. We design and implement systems that align our business processes to achieve both, social and financial objectives, such as the following:



Agroinvest signed membership of the Smart Campaign. The Smart Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal - to make and to keep clients the driving force of the industry.  This can be achieved through customer protection. Agroinvest implemented the following client protection principles:

Appropriate product design and delivery – products and delivery channels created in such way that they cannot cause harm to the target clients. Considering this principle, Agroinvest developed three products in Montenegro and started the creation of new products in Serbia.

Prevention of over-indebtedness –  Agroinvest created mechanisms to analyze clients’ capacity to repay the loans without getting over indebted. The company uses financial ratios in analyzing of loan applications.  

Transparency – Agroinvest’s working procedures clearly defined that clients have to be informed about all loan parameters before the loan is disbursed.
Responsible pricing – the prices are adjusted to the target market and reflect the quality of services provided.

Fair and respectful treatment of clients-  Agroinvest employees are to treat clients in a respectful and fair manner.

Privacy of client data – this principle is defined in internal procedures. The privacy of individual client data is respected in accordance with the laws and regulations of Serbia and Montenegro.

Mechanisms for complaint resolution-  Agroinvest in Montenegro defined grievance policy and introduced a toll-free phone number for customer complaints and problem resolution. The number is visible and it is included in all company’s brochures, flyers, thus.  The mechanism for complaint resolution in Agroinvest in Serbia is still in process.


PAT tool is a low-cost tool for assessing poverty level of Agroinvest’s clients. The tool was implemented in 14 Branches of Agroinvest Serbia and 381 randomly selected current clients were interviewed. PAT is the first poverty assessment tool that was implemented in Agroinvest, thus, it is a pioneer project. As Agroinvest tends to institutionalize its social performance, this tool has a great value for the organization and the improvement of its social performance.


Being mission driven and client oriented company, we are very particular to hear our clients‘ so we conduct client satisfaction and drop out surveys on regular basis and act accordingly to upgrade our services.

Client satisfaction surveys

Every six month we conduct client surveys in both countries. Questions are related to their satisfaction with our products, services and the relationship with our company.

According to the grading on the scale from 1 to 7, we are very proud that even at these recessionary times our clients’ satisfaction index is 78% and that client services and relationship is on a very high level, way above average. Nevertheless, we are continuously improving and aim to achieve 100% satisfaction.

Drop out surveys

We conduct drop out surveys every three month, in both countries. The results of our drop out surveys show that the main reason for drop out is that clients no longer need loans and “are now on their own feet”. Yet, when asked what if they would need a loan in the future, the main answer was that they would come to us and are ready and willing to recommend us to their friends and family.



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