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Verica Obradović’s story



Verica Obradović’s story Verica Obradovic has been an Agroinvest client in Montenegro, since its very beginning. Coming from a very poor family and growing up in the mountains of Rzanica, this fifty-four years old widow watched her parents struggle to raise her and her four siblings. She obtained only elementary education.

Back in the nineties, this mother of four lost her job at a state-owned factory that closed down due to the poor economy. At the same time, she became a widow and started a small agricultural business to make it through. Yet, she was unable to keep it going.

For all too long, Verica’s hopes for her children’s future was stagnant. It seemed it would take a miracle for her to break the cycle of poverty.

Through a friend, Verica Obradovic learned about Agroinvest’s loans to struggling microentrepreneurs. She still remembers the first loan she took from Agroinvest in October 2000. With that loan she decided to begin a small production company. She began with a little dairy, reinvested and took more loans.
Repaying all on time, Ms Obradovic’s agricultural business expanded and today she owns a farm with cattle-breeding, a dairy and greenhouse. The family business which functions because of Agroinvest’s microloans employs her two sons and they are all proud that they made it. Because of the high quality of their products, they have established loyalty among clients. The referrals and positive word of mouth references are their most powerful marketing vehicles in their expansion

“As it turned out, I did not need a miracle to break out of poverty. With financial access, my family was given the opportunity to create a better life and a future for my grandchildren” says Verica.


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