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Monte Credit’s regional office is based in Podgorica and manages the work of 8 branch offices – 4 of them branches (Podgorica, Berane, Niksic and Budva) with the other 6 being sub-offices. (Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac, Herceg Novi, Bar and Ulcinj).

During the last 3 years and based on the detailed analysis of the company as well as the financial and market trends in the country, the Montenegrin Company was restructured. Upon the restructuring and internal reorganization in Human resources and operational organization, a natural next step was revamping it externally – re-branding. Both were strategies into operation because of the sustainability and client-friendly orientation of the company.

Restructuring-based on the set criteria such as potential market size, number of current clients, location of offices to each other and rural penetration, Podgorica, Berane, Niksic and Budva remained branches and the rest became satellite offices under their management and administration. Managerial structure consists of one Operational Manager who supervises work of the branch Managers, and reports to the Country Director for Montenegro. In order to make the company more operational, to ensure equitable distribution of work and to have a more effective control, risk, legal and collection departments, credit collection and administration were centralized. At the same time, because of the introduction of professional HR principles, skilled professionals were hired for strategic positions.

For more details, please see the organizational chart.

(Regional and Branch)

Moskovska 93, 81000 Podgorica

+382 20 643 455
(Branch office)

Dalmatinska 2, 81000 Podgorica

 +382 20 643520, +382 20643521
BERANE (Branch)

Polimska P+7, 84 300 Berane

051/ 230 290, 20 20 27

MOJKOVAC (sub-office)

Trg Ljubomira Bakoca, 84205 Mojkovac

050/ 470 102, 067 202 026

NIKŠIĆ  (Branch)

Alekse Backovica S 115, 81400 Nikšić

040/ 220 008, 067 202 025

PLJEVLJA (sub-office) III Sandžačke bb, 89000 Pljevlja

052/ 300 320, 067/ 202 029

BAR (Branch) Jovana Tomaševića E-5, zgrada ''Crnotravac'',
85000 Bar

030/ 315 995, 067 212 050

BUDVA (Branch)

Rozino bb, 86000 Budva

033/403 512, 067/ 212 050

HERCEG NOVI (sub-office)

Njegoseva 136, 85340 Herceg Novi

031/ 580 565,  067 212 080


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