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Our services aim to support economic progress in undeveloped areas. As an affiliate of Vision Fund International, we started our operations in 1999 first in Montenegro, and expanded into in Serbia in 2001.

Vision Fund International (founded by World Vision International) has affiliated institutions in 42 countries and has an overall portfolio of US$373 million with more than 626,000 clients with a loan repayment rate of 96.7%.

In Serbia we are an intermediation agent for entrepreneurs and in Montenegro we offer enterprise loans for those who do not have, or have limited access to, loans granted by commercial banks. The purpose of loans are the start-up and improvement of small business, trade, services, agriculture, reconstruction and repair of business facilities for small entrepreneurs.

Most of our clients use loans for starting up businesses, which create new jobs for their family members. More than half of our clients remain with us during the next loan cycles as their businesses become sustainable. The main part of our portfolio is used for agriculture, but also include other kinds of small businesses.

Over 60% of all our clients are women. Women, as the primary caregivers in a family, are the ones most likely to use the increased income for the benefit of their children.





Awards and grades

aw1m aw2m aw3m aw4m

The Microfinance Centre awarded our company for original and innovative village association lending model, practical integration of microfinance and non-microfinance activities, and its commitment to social performance management.

We were scored by Planet Rating with grade 4 (of 5) which confirms our clear commitment to social goals, reasonable management of social performance and social responsibility.

Our financial and institutional strength was evaluated by Planet Rating using the G.I.R.A.F.E. rating system and was rated with A-


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